Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Updates! Part 2...

Here we go with another update! Imagine that... so... not long after finishing up those place mats, we took a road trip to Colorado Springs and home, stopping in at the Grand Canyon and Four Corners on our way there and breezing through Las Vegas on our way home. We really didn't feel a need to stop there with a three-year-old on a holiday weekend. But I did get some great photos of scenery at the Canyon and along our drive! These were taken mid-to-late May...

It was a lot of time in the car, but it was nice to see Dex's family and we saw a lot of cool-looking rocks and snow! There was a lot of snow left in the passes in the Rockies; at one point near Vail it was still over the picnic tables and trash cans!

But back to crafty and foodie stuff!

When we got back from our trip, it was time to get ready for Two's third birthday party, which had a robot theme. I had been planning on making a regular cake to shape like a robot, but with only two square pans, it would have been a little tricky. I finally had the idea to do brownies with piped whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. So this is what it looked like!

It was yummy and the kids all liked it! We also had "nuts and bolts," a mix of Cheerios and pretzel sticks with M$&M's, "memory chips," really just veggie chips, "robot fuel," aka fruit salad, "liquid robot fuel" (lemonade with frozen strawberries), and "high-octane liquid robot fuel" and "liquid robot fuel enhancer" (iced tea and sweetener). The kids got to "build" their own robots with stickers and crayons on paper bags to make puppets. I think everyone had fun, and the birthday boy certainly seemed to enjoy himself!

Finally, my latest sewing project has been to finally finish the quilt for Melissa that was started last fall. I chose to back it in Kona Grape Mist and quilt it with free-form wavy lines. It's almost half-way finished, but with my machine starting to sound unhappy, it's on hold until I get some machine oil and give it a quick cleaning (which hopefully will be soon!). What it looks like right now...

 Next project to finish is the quilt I have for my sister and her husband which was supposed to be their Christmas present this past year, and I may see if I can submit it for Project Modern, too! We shall see... that's all for now! Ciao!

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  1. Isn't The Grand Canyon just amazing?!! The robot birthday sounds like it was a yummy success. Please don't forget photos of the completed quilt for Melissa. {{{hugs}}} to "Two" for me!
    ~~ mOm ~~