Monday, July 25, 2011

Updates! Part 1...

So, I finally uploaded pictures to my computer from the camera, and since there are photos from Easter, I'll start there!

I made my mom's super delicious cream of carrot soup followed by roast leg of lamb and various veggies, and this is how the soup and lamb turned out!

Yum! I'm pretty sure everyone went back for seconds on the soup (I think I had at least thirds), and it's one of those great recipes that's actually really easy to make (especially with a decent immersion blender) and is rather elegant and impressive.

And of course, my happy little guy with the bunnies his Nana (my mom) made him... he's gotten a bunny from her each Easter, the last two she made.

Next up... the placemats I made for the LAMQG's Urban Home Goods Swap we had in May. A few shots of the process followed by the finished products...

They were inspired by the curtains my partner had from Ikea, which have a tiny bit of magenta in them, a great little extra pop of color. I decided to do all solids except for the one vine print, and the big diagonal bit of brown in the middle was a happy accident since they were all different widths and none of them were big enough for a placemat. The crazy zig-zaggy quilting just felt right for him, the design and my mood, and I stuck with the white thread so it would pop a bit. It was a good thing the colors weren't perfect for my dining room, otherwise I would have had a hard time parting with them! He seemed to really like them, especially the crazy quilting, so they were quite the success! I ended up getting a fantastic pillow from the swap for our orange couch...

 I think it looks great and I absolutely love it... and that's a good stopping point before this post becomes too long to read! I'll try to continue tomorrow... ciao!

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  1. T: The placemats look great! The pillow you received is stunning and your Easter Dinner is making me hungry!