Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some work...

So I made those cupcakes, and meant to take pictures along the way, and completely forgot to do so. They were yummy and cute! Maybe my friends took some at the party they'll share with me... I did discover that the best means for filling cupcakes (at least this particular recipe) was to cut out a small cone with a knife and then spoon in the curd filling. I didn't bother putting a cap or anything back on, just iced carefully over the exposed yumminess. Depending on how well they were received, I may print some little cards for myself and start taking commissions for various baked goods. It'll be a while before I actually go into business for myself, but I love baking, so I figure I can do so for friends and acquaintances who ask.

I also managed to make some space on my crafting desk and started my solids challenge quilt! I love the progress I made and need to go acquire the grey and yellow fabrics I need to continue, but that won't happen today... I can't decide if I should post sneak peek pictures of it or if it should be a surprise when completed. If I wait, I'll include progress photos with the final product... any opinions?


  1. OF COURSE I want to see progress pictures! Are you crazy?!

    and don't forget snaps (if your friend has some)of the yummies, too {{{mumsy}}}